Pony Express Car Wash

Club Membership Terms and Conditions

Seven Synergy LLC dba The Pony Express Car Wash membership is designed to allow unlimited visits for wash, vacuum, and mat cleaning for a single specific enrolled vehicle. Membership is specific to the year, make, model, and license plate number of the enrolled vehicle. The monthly membership fee will automatically be charged each month to the credit or debit card provided by the member at the time of initial membership purchase.

Membership and monthly charges thereafter will continue in perpetuity until cancelled in writing by the member. In the event Pony Express Car Wash is unable to charge a member’s credit/debit card successfully, the membership will be rendered inactive at the end of the last paid period.

Memberships may be cancelled in person at any Pony Express Car Wash or on our website, www.PonyCarWash.com. Memberships must be cancelled at least 5 business days prior to the automatic renewal date to avoid charges for the next period. There are no refunds for partial month usage or failure to cancel your membership. Unlimited wash memberships are designed for personal use vehicles.

Restrictions may apply to taxicabs, professional, and commercial vehicles. Fleet vehicles are prohibited from enrolling for unlimited wash memberships. Monthly memberships are not valid for vehicles that do not fit onto the conveyor and those that cannot safely pass through the car wash tunnel. The membership RFID security tag must be permanently affixed to the enrolled vehicle. The RFID tag may not be glued, taped, or otherwise affixed to the vehicle in any way by the member.

A Pony Express Car Wash employee must affix the RFID tag to the vehicle.

The member may not move RFID tag from one vehicle to another or in any way use the membership to wash more than one vehicle. In the event the RFID tag is tampered with, removed, or used in any way inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions of the membership, the membership will immediately be canceled, and all rights and privileges associated with the membership, including fees paid, will be terminated.

A member may transfer a membership to another vehicle owned by the member at any Pony Express Car Wash location by a Pony Express Car Wash employee.

Memberships may not be transferred to rental vehicles. Pony Express Car Wash reserves the right to terminate unlimited car wash memberships at any time for any reason. Pony Express Car Wash reserves the right to modify or cancel the unlimited car wash membership program at any time without advanced notice.

We appreciate your business!

Adopted 09-17-2018